White African Hatching Eggs

White African Guinea Eggs1+$3.05
Sold by the dozen. When hatched, white keets are pure white with a few black hairs on the back of the neck, an orange beak, legs, and toes. Many of the keets have a small black spot on the back of their head, although not all of them will have this. As a delicacy, the whites have lighter-colored skin and the meat is lighter color as well (while the colored guineas have all dark meat). Both are fine textured, with a gamey taste. Both are very good eating and a fine delicacy.

Incubation of guinea hatching eggs. The incubation period for guinea eggs is 26 to 28 days. The eggs may be incubated under: bantam setting hens (10 to 15 eggs) or chicken setting hens (25 to 30 eggs), or any reliable incubator.