What our customers say about Guinea Farm

Some excerpts from past letters, emails and reviews …
Marie was delighted:
Ralph, I wanted to thank you for the beautiful guinea keet assortment. The 31 keets arrived with just one casualty and, given the heat, that is incredible. All 30 keets are lively, taking well to food and water and look very healthy. There are so many colors in the assortment! I look forward to seeing what they look like as adults. Thank you and, when we need keets again, I will be in touch! Marie
from Clark, Missouri:
I ordered several dozen guinea keets from Guinea Farm (in Spring 2011). I received a phone call the evening before the birds were shipped so I knew exactly when to expect them at my post office. Every bird was strong and healthy. Unlike chickens, the guineas have never bothered my fruits or vegetables. They do make dusting bowls to clean themselves in, but that’s a small price to pay in exchange for a farm free of ticks, Japanese beetles, cicadas, and other insect pests. I shared some of my guineas with a friend and she is very satisfied as well. Guinea Farm provided excellent service with top quality birds. I encourage all gardeners to give them a try!
6:00 am: I was all prepared for the keets this a.m. which you shipped to me Tuesday. 6:55 am: I got a call that they were here. What a relief! 7:25 am: I had them home in the brooder. All 31 are lively, eating, drinking, sleeping. And tugging on each other’s toes. Now: I have the wonderful identification photos up on my computer and am working on figuring out what colors I received in the grand assortment. Thank you so much … for working with me so graciously on making the ship date convenient to me. I am so impressed with your customer service. It is no wonder Jeannette Ferguson speaks so highly of you.
Keets arrived this morning. All 31 alive and peppy. Thank you for the extra.
I just wanted you to know how wonderful the little guineas I got from you are training. It took a great deal of effort to train my first batch of guineas (I got locally) and took forever to train the keets I raised myself, but the ones I got from you are a breeze. They come when I call them and they hang out near the guinea house. I guess you are doing good breeding. Maybe they are smarter or something… Anyway, thank you.
Wanted to let you know the babies arrived today alive and well. They look GREAT! :-) I’ll be ordering more from you.
Got them! They are gorgeous and all very healthy.
Babies got here today — everyone is fine — started eating as soon as I put them with the other chicks.