About Guinea Farm

Guinea Farm History

May 1, 1986 — Established in 1986 with just a couple hundred guineas in six (6) colors, Guinea Farm now offers more than 3,000 breeder guineas in thirty-one (31) colors. [Guinea Farm is the largest fancy color guinea hatchery in the USA and … maybe … the world.]
March 1, 2016 — Ralph and Sandy Winter announced that their daughter Maria Winter and soon-to-be husband, Matt Mensen, were the new owners/operators of Guinea Farm. [Ralph Winter will continue his involvement with Guinea Farm for several more years … assisting, as needed, to assure a smooth and seamless transition of ownership.]
April 23, 2016 — The new-owner couple, Maria and Matt, became husband and wife.
Ralph Winter:
“If you’re a long-time Guinea Farm customer, thank you. We appreciate your business! Our promise: you’ll continue receiving the same excellent service and product you’ve come to know and expect. If you’re just discovering Guinea Farm, welcome!”
For more about Matt and Maria (Winter) Mensen, please visit the Guinea Farm Management page.

GUINEA FARM :: 21363 White Pine Lane | New Vienna, IA 52065-9728
Matt & Maria Winter-Mensen, Owners | 563.853.4195 | guineafarmorders@gmail.com

Ralph and Sandy Winter

A true team effort, Ralph and Sandy Winter began their guinea farm business in the mid-1980s and have worked together running the Guinea Farm operation since. While Sandy answered calls and questions about guineas and purchasing, Ralph worked the hands-on, day-to-day operations: breeding, incubation, hatching, packing and shipping, and developing all the available color varieties. During the ownership transition, they will continue to help and stay involved in an advisory capacity.


Guinea Farm operates using state-of-the-art incubators with a capacity of 55,000 eggs. These large-capacity incubators permit large-scale production and, in addition, have proved to be a great enhancement to our business and our level of customer service. (See one of the incubators above.)

New Colors in Development

New colors we are currently working on: Pinto, Copper, Almond, Smokey, Ice Blue, Silver Dun, and Oatmeal.

Our Goal

Our goal is to breed every color of domestic guinea fowl. With that in mind, we are always looking for new colors to: We are especially looking for: Do you have — or do you know anyone who has — any of these colors? Or a new color that we don’t have listed? Please contact us.

Credentials, Licensing and Memberships

Iowa Licensed Hatchery
Guinea Farm Licensing and MembershipsCertified U.S. Pullorum – Typhoid Clean
National Poultry Improvement Plan | NPIP
Iowa Poultry Association
Wisconsin Bird & Game Breeders Association
Illinois Game & Pet Breeders Society
American Pheasant & Waterfowl Society
Iowa Llama Association
Guinea Fowl Breeders Association | GFBA

Other Birds and Animals at Guinea Farm

In addition to guinea fowl and peafowl, a menagerie of other beautiful and exotic birds and animals can be found residing at Guinea Farm. They include: alpacas, blackneck swans, golden pheasant, llamas, Mandarin ducks, miniature horses, pygmy goats, Shetland sheep.

There’s also a colorful and interesting rock garden (image above).