Violet Guinea Keet

Violet Guinea Keet Unsexed1+$6.55
Violet keets are a rusty red color with a white belly and wings. These are very cute. As they feather, they gradually change to the steel blue color and then darken to a dusty black, with the purple sheen.

When fully grown, violet guineas are a dusty black with a purple sheen throughout. They look very purple on a cloudy day or in the shade, unlike the royal purple guineas which show their purple best in the sun. However, with the sun at your back, the violet guineas have a very iridescent purple throughout. These are a solid uniform color with no dots or barring.

Max of 10 Violet Keets per order.

Minimum of 20 total keets required for shipping. Can be combined with other colors to meet minimum requirements, please call (563) 853-4195 with questions.