Coral Blue Hatching Eggs

Coral Blue Guinea Eggs1+$3.50
Sold by the dozen. When hatched, coral blue keets are light blue with dark blue irregular striping on their backs. The top of the head is dark blue irregularly striped with tan between the stripes. The face, front of the neck, belly, and wings are white. Beak, legs, and toes are orange. These feather a light irregular blue all over (no white) and are often confused with lavenders until, at two to three months, they molt to their darker coral blue color. When fully grown, coral blue guineas are a medium blue, which tend to a darker beautiful coral blue on the neck, breast, and back … sometimes referred to as the only poultry with a true sky blue color. These are not dotted, but do have a few dots and bars in the flank area. They are very colorful.

Incubation of guinea hatching eggs. The incubation period for guinea eggs is 26 to 28 days. The eggs may be incubated under: bantam setting hens (10 to 15 eggs) or chicken setting hens (25 to 30 eggs), or any reliable incubator.