Buff Dundotte Guinea Keet

Buff Dundotte Guinea Keet Unsexed1+$6.55
Buff dundotte keets are a light tan color with dark tan stripes on the back and head. Once again a broad tan stripe with two narrow tan stripes on each side. Light tan underside. Beak, legs, and toes are a light orange. Day old keets are darker on the hens and lighter on the cocks. These feather near white until they molt at two to three months. Then they get the tan color with dots. These are easily mistaken for Whites, Buffs, Porcelains, and Opalines before the molt.

When fully grown, buff dundotte guineas are a soft tan color with white dots throughout. The hens are darker color than the cocks. These can almost be sexed by color. They are very unusual and beautiful.

Minimum of 20 total keets required for shipping. Can be combined with other colors to meet minimum requirements, please call (563) 853-4195 with questions.