Assorted Peachick

Assorted Peachick Unsexed1+$70.00
Assorted Peafowl Chicks consist of two varieties, or more, of Blue, White, Pied, Black Shoulder, or other colors. Hatchery choice. [Pied Peacock shown in product image.] This price is per PEACHICK.

Color Preference and Hatchery Choice. As a customer, you may include a color preference of peachicks in the Comment Section during checkout; however, colors will be our choice depending on what’s available at the time.

When fully grown,

India Blue Peacocks have a blue neck and breast, the shoulders are tan barred with black. The tail is mostly green … the spot in the eye on the tail is blue surrounded with green and then bronze. India Blue Peahens are a nice gray-brown dove color with a pale grayish buff colored belly. India Blue Peachicks are brown on the upper parts and buff on the underside. The Blues are the most popular variety of Peafowl.

Black Shoulder Peacocks have a blue neck and breast, shoulders and wings are black. The tail is the same as the India Blue. Black Shoulder Peahens are mostly creamy-white, lightly mottled with dark brown-black and a little buff. The tail is dark brown. Black Shoulder Peachicks are creamy-white. As they feather, they become mottled with black. White Peacocks are white throughout. The tails are very lacy looking. These are very popular and in great demand by Peafowl fanciers. White Peahens are white. White Peachicks: White.

Pied Peacocks have the same color pattern as the Blues with irregular white patches that vary in size and location throughout the entire body and tail. These are really an outstanding color, quite striking in appearance. Pied Peahens are the same as the Blues with white patches also. Pied Peachicks are the same as the Blues with white patches.