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  • $0.35

    Pinioning for permanent flight prevention. The tip of one wing is removed to prevent flight. …

  • $3.00
    Feeder Plans

    Plans for constructing your own self feeder for poultry with materials costing much less than …

  • $3.95
    Pearl Gray Keet

    Pearl gray keets are brown with black stripes and markings and a tan underside. The …

  • $3.95
    White Keet

    White keets are pure white with a few black hairs on the back of the …

  • $4.45
    Assorted Keets

    Assorted Keets.
    Assorted = 4 colors (or more) guinea keets.
    Hatchery Choice. Colors included in the Assorted …

  • $4.70
    Lavender Keet

    Lavender keets are a light blue with dark blue stripes and markings. The belly is …

  • $4.70
    Royal Purple Keet

    Royal purple keets are brown with small irregular black striping on the back and the …

  • $4.70
    Coral Blue Keet

    Coral blue keets are light blue with dark blue irregular stripping on their backs. The …

  • $4.70
    Buff Dundotte Keet

    Buff dundotte keets are a light tan color with dark tan stripes on the back …

  • $4.70
    Porcelain Keet

    Porcelain keets¬†are off white with very light blue gray striping on the head and back. …

  • $4.70
    Opaline Keet

    Opaline keets are near white with only a tint of bluish on their head and …

  • $4.70
    Slate Keet

    Slate keets are a solid rusty red color with no stripes. They are a little …

  • $4.70
    Pied Keet

    Pied keets vary in color with white wings, belly and face.
    When fully grown, pied guineas …

  • $4.70
    Jumbo Keet

    Jumbo keets are a larger version of pearl grays.
    When fully grown, jumbo guineas are the …

  • $4.70
    Buff Keet

    Buff keets are near white with light irregular tan stripes on the head and back. …

  • $4.80
    Fancy Assorted Keets

    Fancy Assorted Keets.
    Fancy Assorted = 4 colors (or more) of guinea keets.
    Hatchery Choice. Colors included …