Rare Assorted Peafowl Chicks consist of two varieties, or more, of Cameo, Oaten, Purple, or Silver Pied. Hatchery choice. [Silver Pied Peacock shown in product image.] Priced at $55 EACH


When fully grown,


  • Cameo Peacocks are a cameo brown throughout with the neck and breast being darker chocolate brown. The tail is varying shades of brown with the eyes in the tail being darker brown. These are very rare and in great demand. Cameo Peahens are a soft medium brown throughout. Cameo Peachicks are a soft light brown.
  • Oaten Peacocks are a dark chocolate brown throughout, being darker brown than the Cameos. The tail is dark brown with the eyes being a darker brown. Oaten Peahens are a pale tan color, much lighter than the Cameos. Oaten Peachicks are a creamy-white, as they feather they become mottled with brown. At day old they are almost impossible to tell from the Black Shoulders.
  • Purple Peacocks have a purplish blue neck. The shoulder area is brown and off white barred like the Cameo’s shoulder area. The belly area is brown. The tail is of the same pattern as the India Blue. Purple Peahens are a soft brown similar to the Cameo hens except the neck is purple iridescent. Purple Peachicks are a soft light brown.
  • Silver Pied Peacocks are 80 to 90% white. The colored areas are as in the India Blue pattern with the colors somewhat diluted making any blue on the neck lighter and the other colored areas a silvery gray. May have a few colored feathers in the train the same color as the India Blue. Silver Pied Peahens are mostly white again, any colored areas are a silvery gray. Silver Pied Peachicks are white with a small gray spot on the shoulder and head.


When ordering, please keep the following in mind:

  • Availability. Peachicks are available June through September and are straight run (unsexed).
  • Date Wanted. Provide Date Wanted in the Order Notes section on the Checkout Page. We always try to ship as near your Date Wanted as possible. 
  • Recommendation. We recommend placing your peafowl order early as our supply is somewhat limited. 
  • Minimum orders for shipping peachicks. 8 Peachicks. [However, you may combine a minimum of 4 Peachicks and 25 Guineas for safe shipment.] 
  • Shipping. Peachicks are shipped Priority Mail; insured safe arrival guaranteed. Please inspect at the post office with your Postmaster as a witness if any loss occurs. They are insured and you can file a claim with the Post Office for any shipping loss.
  • About Peafowl Assorted. Hatchery Choice. 
    • Assorted consists of two varieties or more of Blue, White, Pied, Black Shoulder, Spalding, or other colors. Our choice. 
    • Rare Assorted consists of two varieties, or more, of the following varieties: Pied Spalding, Cameo, Buff Spalding, Oaten, White-Eye Pied, Purple or Silver Pied. Our choice.

For more detailed descriptions of assorted varieties, please visit the Rare Assorted Varieties Page.


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