Sold by the dozen: $31.20. When hatched, lavender keets are a light blue with dark blue stripes and markings. The belly is light blue. The head markings are a broad dark blue stripe down the center of the head with two narrow dark blue stripes on each side of it, with narrow tan stripes between the dark blue stripes. The beak, legs, and toes are orange. Like all Guinea keets , they are very lively and alert. When fully grown, lavender guinea are light blue with white dots. Lavender is a very popular color.


Incubation of guinea hatching eggs. The incubation period for guinea eggs is 26 to 28 days. The eggs may be incubated under:

  • bantam setting hens (10 to 15 eggs) or
  • chicken setting hens (25 to 30 eggs), or
  • any reliable incubator.


When ordering, please keep the following in mind:

  • Availability. Hatching eggs are available May through September.
  • Date wanted. Provide Date Wanted in the Order Notes section on the Checkout Page.
  • Minimum orders for shipping hatching eggs. One dozen. Then in increments of 12.
  • About Hatching Eggs Assorted. Hatchery Choice. Colors included in the assorted groups will be our choice depending on what’s available.

PLEASE NOTE: Because of conditions beyond our control during incubation and shipping, we are unable to guarantee hatchability of eggs.


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