Peafowl book we recommend

We’ve already recommended a favorite guinea book. Here’s our recommendation for a peafowl book: BOOK-PeafowlBreeding&Management-2Peafowl Breeding and Management

by Loyl Stromberg

[80 pages] A very helpful book for the beginner, Breeding and Management is illustrated with drawings for:

  • housing,
  • pens, and
  • brooding.

Information on various diseases and treatments is also included.

Beautiful color images of several varieties showcase the stunning beauty of the peafowl. This peafowl book covers:

  • peafowl history,
  • breeding,
  • incubation,
  • brooding and housing,
  • feeding,
  • different cover variations,
  • recipes and
  • more.

It’s a great reference book as you enjoy your peafowl and help them thrive in the years to come.

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