Peacocks and peahens

Peafowl-in-field-WOne of the most beautiful and striking birds of all the poultry world, peafowl (peacocks and peahens) are extremely elegant and stately roaming about your grounds.

  • A sight to behold. The proud peacock, with his train raised and fully fanned, is indeed a sight to behold as he displays for his less radiant mate, the peahen.
  • Beautiful feathers. The beautiful feathers that are shed each summer by the cock have endless uses in crafts, floral arrangements, and various other applications.
  • Easy to raise. Peafowl are quite easy to raise, being extremely hardy and able to care for themselves, or adapt well to any aviary display.
  • Interesting to watch. A family of peafowl wandering about your property are most interesting to watch as the peahen and her chicks go about their busy day.
  • The peafowl call. Their stately call is distinctive and unique.

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