Guinea book we recommend

There are some excellent books that have been published about the care and feeding of guinea fowl. Here is one guinea book, in particular, that we highly recommend and sell through our website:

Gardening with Guineas: A Step-By-Step Guide to Raising Guinea Fowl on a Small Scale

by Jeannette S. Ferguson

BOOK-Gardening-with-Guineas-2[131 pages] This guinea book, Gardening with Guineas, is a delightful and informative guide to raising guinea fowl. It covers the life of a guinea from egg throughout adult, including incubation, feeding, housing, training and common problems. In Gardening with Guineas you will learn:

  • reasons for raising guinea fowl, 
  • what you need to know before you buy, 
  • working with newborns and young keets, 
  • handling typical problems, 
  • more.

In our opinion, this introductory guide is the ideal step-by-step companion for newer guinea owners. It answers most of the basic questions asked as you’re just learning as well as more advanced questions as your guinea fowl grow to adulthood. 




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