Owners and Operators of Guinea Farm:

Matt and Maria (Winter) Mensen

Guinea Farm Management

Matt & Maria Winter-Mensen


You could almost say that Maria (Winter) Mensen, Ralph and Sandy Winter’s daughter, has Guinea Farm in her DNA. Having grown up on the guinea farm with five siblings, Maria was raised along with generations of guinea fowl and pea fowl. Early life chores consisted of helping mom and dad as they grew and expanded the guinea farm business over the years. From working with equipment (our state-of-the-art incubators) to packing and shipping newly-hatched keets to moving droves of guineas from building to building on the property each fall, Maria has done it all!

Husband Matt Mensen has a work ethic that’s just as solid. This Iowa farm boy grew up in the area and worked the family farm alongside his parents and siblings. More recently he has added building and construction to his skills set. Matt has already been working on Guinea Farm, training in all aspects of this thriving guinea business.


Our management promise:

“You’ll continue receiving the same excellent service and product you’ve come to know and expect.”


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